Lost & Found

Report and find lost items on our centralized platform for lost and found services

A "Lost and Found Service" typically refers to a facility or system where lost items are collected, cataloged, and stored in the hopes of reuniting them with their owners. These services can be provided by various entities such as airports, public transportation systems, hotels, event venues, or municipalities.

If you've lost something and are looking for a Lost and Found Service, here are some general steps you can take.

Contact the Location: If you know where you lost the item, such as an airport, hotel, or public transportation station, reach out to our Lost and Found department directly. We may have a procedure for reporting lost items and can check if your item has been turned in.

File a Report: Some places may require you to file a formal report with details about the lost item. Be prepared to provide a description of the item, the date and time it was lost, and any relevant details that might help identify it.

Check Online Services: Some larger organizations may have online databases or systems where you can search for and report lost items. Check our website or contact us for information on how to use these services.

Spread the Word: If you've lost something in a public place, you can also try posting about it on our WhatsApp community Group. Sometimes, Good Samaritans may come across your item and be able to help return it to you.

Be Patient: Lost and Found services often deal with a high volume of items, so it may take some time for your item to be found and processed. Be patient and follow up with the relevant authorities periodically.

If you've found something and want to turn it in to a Lost and Found Service, simply contact us or take it to our nearest location where such services are provided, and we will take care of the rest.